There is such thing as time travel

Don’t think so? Try facebook chatting with ‘Ballet Programmer Mega Hottie’ for an hour. That’s a code name I’ll use to protect her identity. ‘Cause that’s what I just did and I swear it took about 14 seconds.

Yup, meet one of the coolest girls ever. I first met her at a new year’s party this last year when someone in my ward brought her as a friend. She easily made it into the ‘most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen’ club but I didn’t get her number or take her out or anything. I saw her again at a Valentine’s party and we danced in a general vicinity. So just now (like 4 days after that party) a friend’s post included her so I looked up her profile, saw all this cool stuff, and we started chatting online.

Dang. That’s all I have to say about this girl. On her profile it says that she loves this song by Bruno Mars and she’d be putty in the hands of the guy that sang it to her. I’ll take that challenge any day. Hmmmmm.

Good-ness. Gra-cious. Whatsaguytodo? She’s the stuff. We have tentative plans to hang out and talk about web design, etc which I hope happens. Oh man. Smitten. Smitten. Sometimes I forget what this is like.

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