Dec 6 2013

Time’s fun when you’re havin flies

I just worked a 10 hour day and I feel relaxed, rested, and very happy.

Compare that to the last 6 months.

There is no comparison.

I quit my job at Domo in early November. Felt really good. The next corporate environment I experience I would like to create rather than be subject to.

Yesterday I started at Izeni, the custom software development company. I do iPhone programming and I love it.

May 19 2013

Good News

Here’s another crappy article from LinkedIn. I get sucked into these at work sometimes because they have interesting headlines. This one’s making over-generalizations about an entire generation of people. It’s like reading a horoscope – so broad that it feels like it applies to you yet utterly bereft of an practical use. Yay!

Here’s my favorite part; it’s on entrepreneurship:


That’s right:

“Entrepreneurs are mostly lonely, anxious people, living on the edge of what’s normal.”

Phew! Good news for me! I was worrying about my entrepreneur status since taking a “job” at a company with more than 10 people in it.

Apr 10 2013

Tides they are a changin’

I just watched the movie “Chasing Mavericks” and it was awesome. Jay Moriarty starts off as a kid who likes to time the waves. He notices when waves take longer to crash against the rocks and learns about when it’s high and low tide time. I just learned on Wikipedia that some shores experience 2 high a low tides per day while others experience only 1. The paths I have chosen in life make me think I’m more like the first shore. Lots of ups and downs. I like to keep it interesting.


I’ll give you a quick summary of how things have gone since I abruptly decided to pick up my life and again move to another state. Tuesday when I decided to see if I could fit all my belongings into my truck just for fun, I got a call 3 hours out of San Francisco on my way to Utah. It was Domo wanting to bring me in for an interview. I had applied for positions in SF and AF (American Fork, their headquarters in Utah) and asked them where the interview would be. “Oh it’s in our headquarters, see you then!”

That was a relief. Haha. I was like “ok, see you then!” – little did she know I was on the road to Utah and would barely move myself across the western United States in time for the meeting.

I’m really glad Domo interviewed me and then offered me a job. I accepted and I’m going to be working as an Account Development Hunter, or ADH. I kind of like the title “hunter” in my job description. Each day I’ll grab my spear and chase down game. Rock.


I’d rather work for Domo over any company in Utah. The founder sold his last company, Omniture, to Adobe for almost $2billion. He’s a great leader and knows how to get it done. He also knows how to acquire and keep talent. The company benefits are insane. Foodses every day, computer, phone, tablet paid for, etc. Awesome. I’m really excited to be a part of something and join a team.

I found an apartment in Provo today. I was expecting a good deal and got a great one! I ended up getting the master bedroom of the condo for the same price as a regular room! It has enough space for a full drum kit and an assigned, covered parking spot! Plus the great thing is rent is about 1/4 what I was paying in California :)

Tonight I did open mic night at Velour, it was fun! I love performing for people. I did ok and got some hearty applesauce (applause and applesauce are so similar) from the people. I sang “Dig” by Incubus and “My Hero” by Foo Fighters.


This is what it looks like when there’s no people and open mic night is about to start. This is the place where Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees got their start.

And yes this is the song that inspired this blog post’s title:

Ha. That Bob Dylan song makes me think of my friend Dustin Glass who taught me how to play guitar when I was 13. This is one of the first songs I learned.

Mar 31 2013


I just watched Dave Grohl’s new film, Sound City. It’s about a recording studio that was around from the late 70′s through the 90′s. Many, many, many famous albums were recorded there from Neal Young to Tom Petty to Metallica, Nirvana and my personal TOP THREE: Chili, Foo, and even Rage. Amazing. The movie really made me want to make music.

Feb 20 2013

Craigslist mobile app. Mokriya made iOS and Android Craigslist apps!

I work for Mokriya and today is a big day. We released Mokriya Craigslist, a whole new world of buying cars and looking for your next apartment, or human trafficking deal! It’s a well-known fact that Craigslist’s design is poo. Or “not visually appealing” and really hasn’t had a redesign in like 10 years. Well we changed all that!

We got some pretty sweet media coverage:

Wall Street Journal
Yahoo News
Pando Daily
Rajesh’s Blog

Look at this moving picture of a lady using the app:

Wasn’t that like wow! It was wow. Verrrrrrrrry. Now look at these pictures:

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 8.53.59 AM

Aren’t those pictures very unlike anything you’ve seen associated with the List belonging to Craig? Yes. Yeshhhh.

Now, my good person, download, download like there’s no tomorrow and use this app until you’ve bought everything and dated everyone in your city!!!

AppStore link – HERE

Google Play link – HERE



Nov 14 2012

How to Date a Mormon Entrepreneur

This post is an adapted article I wrote for my church group’s monthly newsletter.

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The nation’s coolest cities are chock-full of startups. They’re also (relatively) chock-full of Mormons. Naturally there’s going to be some crossover. SF, DC, NY, etc have many aspiring entrepreneurs and while they may possess an added degree of attractiveness to the opposite sex, there are also a few important things to keep in mind before going in 50/50 on a new venture if ya get ma drift.

This is not a comprehensive treatment, but rather a few pointers along with some common misconceptions.

#1 Personal Misconception: They’d rather make a million bucks than have a family. Nah. Not so much. They’d sell or abandon their crazy business stuff and join the masses in 9-5dom to feed the childrens any day of the week. They’d still marry your face.

#1 Benefit: These people are hell-bound and determined to achieve financial+schedule freedom to spend more time with loved ones.

#1 Drawback: Entrepreneurs are weird. They’re crazy passionate about pretty much anything they do and are therefore a little (LOT) eccentric. If you’re all about Mr./Ms. stable and predictable, you better look elsewhere. Risk tolerance, risk adverse, blah blah.

#1 Career Misconception: If the biz fails you’re hosed in the mainstream job market. Nope. Not at all! Many employers value those who have given it a good old-fashioned try but failed to make it happen with their own gig. Plus these days 90% of startups are tech related and so are the jobs! :) Additionally, if Romeo or Juliet is a programmer you will eat milk and drink honey all your days.

#1 Thing You Got Right: Entrepreneurship is sexy. It can seriously be so so fun. What do you love doing? What if you could potentially make a living at it? Now what if you could be very very wealthy from that? Exactly. Also startups attract some of the most multi-talented and interesting people you’ll meet.

#1 Thing You Were Thinking After That Last One: Entrepreneurship is freaking hard. Higher highs do indeed mean lower lows. If you’re gonna date this person expect to offer a little more support than normal even if everything seems fine. Yes, and be supportive *especially if things aren’t going well.

That’s six number one’s in a row. For an explanation on this see number one number three.

Finally, best of luck with your new ‘preneuring buddy. Hope y’all have a successful relationship even if it doesn’t lead to jointly filing a 1040 in 2014.

# # #

Haha. I googled “Mormon Entrepreneur” to find a pic or something interesting for this post and my face was one of the first results; I wasn’t even logged into gmail. lulz. Yeah right; so many others are 10,000,000x more successful than me. Here’s a very short list:

Mitt Romney, Bain
David Neelman, Jet Blue
J. Willard Marriott, Marriott International
Larry Miller, Larry Miller Group
Jon Huntsman, Huntsman Corporation
Josh James & John Pestana, Omniture
Scott Smith, Qualtrics
Mick+Brad Hagen, Sid Krommenhoek, Zinch
Garrett Gee, Kirk Ouimet, Ben Turley, Scan

And oh so many more.

ps The blank space in the image was a certain calendar-maker from a while back, sheesh. Oh internet, you’re never asleep on the job.

Sep 30 2012

New Career!

I landed at job at Silicon Valley’s hottest mobile app development company! I’m really excited about it and I start on Monday!

Here’s a text conversation I had with my dad recently while I was interviewing at different jobs and stuff:

My dad and I are really similar, it’s fun to talk to him. Especially now that he started texting!

I feel very fortunate to be able to have interest from a few different companies and especially fortunate to be working with some very talented and fun people. The company is called Mokriya. Super pumped!

Along with the new job is a new house. I’ll be moving to Redwood city so I can be closer to my office in Cupertino.

May 21 2012

The App is Out! Parker Planner for iPhone!

HERE it is, folks!! The Parker Planner for iPhone!

It’s been many many months in the making and the day has arrived! I hope you like it and find the app useful. It’s my goal to save you a few minutes of valuable time each day as you switch between making appointments, updating your todo list, and writing down world-changing ideas.

Enjoy, everyone!


May 9 2012

Parker Planner for iPhone – Coming Soon!!

It’s here, folks. The real-deal commercial. This thing took quite a bit of blood and tears to make. You wouldn’t believe how much blood and tears camera guys consume!! It’s nasty.

Apr 28 2012

Planner app vid :)

Here’s the first go at getting the Parker Planner app noticed. This was a pretty random idea I had after seeing the Path and Pinterest icons on a keynote speaker’s phone at a tech conference a month ago. I want to be the next red ‘P’ on people’s iPhone! The yell thing at the end is from Street Fighter, a video game from the early 90′s.

Apr 11 2012

Software Sage

Clear is an iPhone app and it’s awesome. They were the #1 downloaded iPhone app in the whole store for a week and were making $170k per day.

This guy coded it and he is also awesome. On his personal site he gave some software-building rules to follow. From what I have experienced so far with software he is spot on and I want to obey his great advice. Behold, and it came to pass:

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 12.36.45 PM

Yup. That’s the stuff. I just signed with a local marketing firm and bought plane tickets for a very cool, very well-known actress friend to be in our commercial. So PUMPED! This is really, really exciting and a bit scary. It’ll be good stuff, though. We’re going to get noticed and the app is going to kick some tail.

Apr 2 2012

Times they are a changin’

Last year my business partner and I went to the NY Stationery show in Manhattan. It was awesome! I absolutely loved NY and the show was pretty fun, too. Unfortunately, though, sales at the show weren’t super great so we decided not to go this year.

I was still on some email list so they sent me something today. It was pretty funny to see that the dates the show is running are exactly the same time as Tech Crunch Disrupt New York. Haha. I’m going to that one! It’s a sweet technology conference about emerging software companies. This was the banner at from the email about paper:

Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 1.51.25 PM

But we’re going to this one : )

Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 2.02.39 PM

Mar 26 2012


I love deadlines. It’s a deal, an agreement. A tangible delivery date that you can count on.

But right now I’m waiting for a potential investor to get back to me. It’s taking 400 years and I might die before he does. I was expecting an offer a week ago, then last Friday, then this morning. Aye, aye, aye! The pain of it all! I almost feel like I can’t move forward one more step until I hear back from this guy. Our conversations and meetings thus far have been encouraging, I like him better than other investors and he’s sold a company already. Good signs. He also said he doesn’t believe in stringing someone out for a long time performing fake due diligence. All good signs.

But man this is rough. It’s like telling a kid you’ll take them to Disneyland tomorrow and when they wake up you’re nowhere to be found. They email you and a day later you get a response that it’ll be at the end of the week.

Ghhaaaahhhhh! Blah!

Patient I am not. I wouldn’t consider that one of my virtues.

the waiting place

Does that mean I sit in the waiting place? Nay.

Wasting time in the waiting place I am not!! This morning I contacted 2 angel investment firms! Ha ha! I can’t sit around and expect good things to just happen.

Feb 27 2012

What’s this??


Feb 21 2012

Water Foul


We can learn from them. Sorta. On twitter I saw someone post this quote:

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Love it. It’s very true, you see. As unique as we all are, humans share many, many tendencies.

Parker Planners works because there are a lot of people like me out there who aren’t satisfied by the current planners on the market. The Parker Planner app is going to kick some booty for the same reason. So many people who are extremely capable are afraid to share their innovations with the world because they think people won’t want their products. Man, just put it out there! Let the MARKET decide whether your product is useful, not you alone!! Crazy person! You’re not so unique that only you would like your work and you’re certainly not smart enough to know how many people will want to buy your invention.

It’s a humble and humbling thing to present your work to the world and give a solemn recommendation that they buy it. I’ve struggled with that from day 1. Still do. Most of the time I don’t want to release new products or designs for fear of what people will say and worry if it will sell. You just do it, though. That’s entrepreneurship. Anything else is ‘want’trepreneurship. You gotta spend your own money and get your stuff out there.

I’ve met with the BYU Cocoa Heads a couple times now and there are some seriously talented people that attend. Tonight I was paid a really kind compliment when someone said they were going to release their first app into the iTunes App Store because of something I said two weeks prior.

I’m really excited about the first release of the Parker Planner into the App Store. Mostly I just want to use it on my own personal phone.

Jan 11 2012

Up and Up!

That’s how things are right now. Check out these sweet potential logos for Parker Planners:




You like? Yeah we’re redoing everything from the logo, colors, branding, website, and now mobile applications. I’m really excited about it.

Dec 17 2011

The Jobs

Steve Jobs was one amazing dude. I can’t believe the amount of impactful things he helped develop in such a short time. Including Pixar! Nuts that he founded Pixar after Apple let him go.

In honor of beards everywhere, I give you bearded Jobs:


Today I was looking at old Apple product presentations he gave on Youtube. It was really inspiring. I have a great opportunity with my next move with Parker Planners and getting some inspiration from the Jobs really helped. He’s definitely someone who trusts himself. More so than your average dude. One thing I found very useful in a video about the iPod Nano was that he said you have to start with the human experience and work backward toward the technology. I think his products really do that. Steve said he’s tried it the other way around many times and failed many times; having the scar tissue to prove it.

That’s so awesome. Thinking about people has to be the first step in product development. It’s about how we live, think, feel, observe, and interact with our surroundings. Our lives are improved so much when designers take a second to consider the human experience. I want to be one of those designers.

Here is the original iPod intro video. Mimic this thought process with another product and you’ll make money. After the first 4 sentences it’s clear they know what they’re doing. Bam.

Nov 14 2011

Life Update Nov 14 2011

I haven’t written about what’s been going on for a while. Recently I’ve felt more alive. Last night I stayed up all night with a couple friends. We talked about all kinds of stuff and it was fun. I guess one of them has never been in love. Had boyfriends, dated, but never really let it happen. Nuts! Yeah it can hurt but man way better to love and lose than to never go there at all.

Everyone needs to be vulnerable enough to get their heart broken. It’s about daring to live. If you’re not all in what’s the point? You gotta be all in. Life isn’t about juggling a bunch of different passions and people. It’s about depth. It’s about discovering what you love and being the best you can at whatever that is. When I went to New York last May it was such a breathtaking atmosphere because people seem to know who they are. They seem to be dedicated to a cause and find joy in their role. And being in love is the best darn thing there is in this world. Nothing beats it. Don’t care how much money or fame you got, without love it’s all for not. Maybe I’ll put that on my quote tab :)

Life’s been kinda crazy lately. I interviewed with LucidChart up in Draper. They’re a great company with a promising future but I don’t know that it’s the right thing for me. I need to identify with Parker Planners. I’ve struggled with that from day 1.  “What’s so special about paper planners?” people ask. “Isn’t everyone using their smartphone?” I’ve heard it all many times. It’s true we’re working on a smartphone app. The first version ought to be in the app store by the end of the year. But that’s not the point. I need to own up to being the planner guy. I am the planner guy. There’s $100 million of sales out there in this space to be had. I’m going to capture as much of that as I can. I’m going to make products that are more interesting and less expensive than the competition. I am going to dominate this industry. I will work so hard in organizing the efforts of talented people that thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of people will have positive, memorable experiences with Parker Planners.

I don’t mind owning up to the challenges. I am an entrepreneur who owns a successful business. I am providing more than adequately for myself and preparing to provide for others. I am Parker Planners. I live it, sleep it, play it, do it, love it. I can succeed with this business as I have in the past. We will achieve 100% growth this year, 2011. We will generate over $x in sales this year. Next year we will generate over $x in sales. Booyah!

Oct 12 2011

The adventure begins!

My first iPhone app was released today in the iTunes store!! I’m so pumped! If you’ve never seen Guy on a Buffalo on you tube before, here you go:

You’re welcome.

So now what the world needed was a sound board so you can play your favorite parts of the songs any time! This app has the first two Guy on a Buffalo videos. There are two more and we’re working on another app to include those.

Here’s a screenshot of my app on iTunes from


Here is a link to get there.

I’m super excited! We’ll see what craziness comes of this.

Sep 1 2011

Startup Life

If you’ve read much of this blog you know I love startup businesses and inventing stuff. I just read another one of my friend’s blog posts on entrepreneurship. He hit some things spot on. Here’s a link.

I’m with him all the way, read that post if you want to peer inside the mind of an entrepreneur. We are kind of delusional. We have to be. If everyone saw the world as fearfully as most, no one would dare and try new things! I figure my job is way more secure with owning my own business because I’m the last one to get fired if things go badly. There’s really no such thing as ‘job security’ anyway and there are plenty of people with masters degrees searching for bread.

The last few months have been pretty insane with Parker Planners. We’re going through some significant changes. It will be like a new company by the end of the year. I’ll write more on that as things happen.

I’m not sure if I will be in startups my whole life but as long as I can create things that people like I’m all for entrepreneurship as a life-long addiction. There’s really nothing like it. I feel like I’ve written this 100 times on this blog but maybe not enough. I was always intrigued by older people’s lifelong regrets when I was a kid. You wouldn’t think kids pick up on that stuff but they do. Usually people have 2 regrets in the career aspect of their life: #1 didn’t finish school # 2 didn’t start a business. I always figured it was simple enough not to be one of these people.

I’m not trying to put anyone down. Anyone in this country can do both of those things in a matter of months. I’m just saying if I could do things over I wouldn’t! The freedom and happiness that come with owning your own business are invaluable.


BYU’s first football game is Saturday!! BOOYA!