May 4 2011

Mod’n Art

A while back a group of friends and I did this in the fine arts building at BYU, it was tons of fun.

Today I give you Flaming Pringles Man Mustache. Yes, breathe deeply. It’s a tribute to everyone’s favorite snack chip of ambiguous origins. On fire!


Oct 20 2010

Burn baby burn

Mike has a science project due next week so we worked on it yesterday. He had to burn 3 hunks of wood and measure which one caught ablaze first and how tall the flame was. It was so much fun. When was the last time you burned something for recreation? I recommend it. Embrace your inner pyro now and then.

Today I also met with my partner in crime Nick. He and I are working for Zappedy, inc. out of Palo Alto, CA on a deal-of-the-day kind of website. It’s like for mid-size cities. The idea is to have one krushingly good deal per day where you get a big discount on a restaurant, recreational thing, etc. We’re still in the super early stages of it all- wish us some luck!

Here’s a video glimpse of fire fun.